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About Haven

We are helping spiritual friends and mentors to create sacred spaces where people can experience a Haven for the Heart, and be equipped to grow Havens for the Hearts of others. In particular, those that oversee these spiritual communities are often tired, discouraged, ill-equipped and isolated. Many of them need personal renewal and practical retool. Therefore, Haven for the Heart exists to encourage these leaders and equip them with the wisdom, maturity and skills needed to build disciplemaking communities that in turn build disciple making communities.

Building Communities that Transform Lives

Loving and leading others as friends or mentors is critical to building communities that transforms lives at the level of the heart. That’s where all the issues of life stem. It is our desire through Haven to provide opportunity for hearts to be restored and nourished; to be heard and equipped. It’s not good to be alone. Isolation in any form is a breeding ground for deception and discouragement. If you are disconnected from community you will lose heart. When you lose heart, you lose everything. Nurturing friends that love from the heart and guiding mentors who lead from the heart is what we desire to do.


Allow us the honor to be a Haven for your Heart as you build Havens for the Hearts of others.    

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Experiencing the Difference - Equipped to Make a Difference

Over the years we've been blessed to listen to teachings from many dynamic speakers, as well as read books from many of our most brilliant authors. Their passion, wisdom, humor and devotion have deeply inspired and challenged us to new ways of thinking and living.  Though they educated our minds and encouraged our hearts – something was missing!  We've often scanned the audiences at conferences and observed the hopefulness on their faces.  They were challenged intellectually, moved emotionally and committed themselves to a new way of life and ministry – but what was missing?  We’re not ones to minimize the critical value of biblical teaching or motivational speaking. We need God's truth communicated in many ways. We've been profoundly impacted by preachers, authors and a host of inspirational events – but something was still missing!


The missing piece and critical ingredient that's central to any philosophy of counseling, education or ministry is Experience!  The years of training pastors, counselors and missionaries in the art of leadership have taught us that genuine comprehension and authentic transformation requires Experience!  The wisdom, maturity and skill it takes to lead God's people cannot be attained by merely listening to a lecture or reading a book – it takes Experience!  There needs to be a place where we can take all that we have learned and discuss it in a setting that is small enough to truly talk through all the details pertaining to our own life and ministry. Then personally, desperately and collectively pray.

The missing ingredient in many teaching methodologies and ministry strategies is the experience of RELATIONSHIP.  Our apprentice partnership requires the experience of relationship as you tackle your ministry challenges.  People need to see it done (modeling) and be able to practice it personally (mentoring). The apprentice approach was Jesus' pattern, “Come follow me and go do what I've done to you.” But this approach to counseling, education and ministry requires more time with fewer people.  In a culture that values bigger/faster, this process does not appear to be as successful or efficient. But that is how Jesus did it! The process of how you can experience the difference and be equipped to make a difference is what we call CPR.

•    Connect with compassionate friends and courageous mentors: Sharing the Journey
•    Pursue the truth of God’s heart that transforms the soul: Entering the Battle
•    Respond with a life of passion and purpose: Walking with God.

We all have a story that has a past, present and future reality. Haven for the Heart explores the Outside Story of relationships, enters the Inside Story of the heart, to help embrace the Larger Story of God. Through a process called CPR, we help leaders renew their passion for Jesus, reclaim their devotion to God’s people and recapture their mission for a broken world.    

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