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       Experience Haven

     Haven Retreats

Pam and Mike have been hosting Haven retreats with a wide range of Christian leaders and leadership teams for many years. People come to The Haven for three sessions (totaling nine hours) over the course of two days. Retreats involve meaningful conversation and prayer. These individuals, couples or teams also receive time for relaxation and refreshment, and of course, good food!


  • Session One: Sharing the Journey – We CONNECT on the outside story by discussing the impact life has had on them and is having on their relationships.


  • Session Two: Entering the Battle – We PURSUE the inside story by surfacing the deeper longings and losses of the heart.


  • Session Three: Walking with God – We RESPOND to the larger story by praying through the next steps in their movement toward God and others.

 Leadership Mentoring

Mike and Pam walk alongside individuals, couples and teams to strengthen the wisdom, maturity and skill that is needed to enjoy the beauty, intimacy and adventure of biblical wholeness, belonging and impact. For those interested in more intensive training we can give you information about a 1-3 year Supervised Field Internship and ThD program that Mike directs. 

  • Mentoring conversations and prayer about growing closer to God by walking with the Spirit and praying without ceasing.

  • Mentoring conversations and prayer about building stronger disciple making relationships in your church and community.

  • Mentoring conversations and prayer about living for a larger purpose with the message and ministry of reconciliation.  

   Coaching Contracts

We visit ministries, churches and denominations to work with leadership teams that are building disciple making communities. We facilitate an assessment of the values and vision as well as how the structures and strategies are promoting or derailing that mission. We seek to facilitate a pathway forward that is Spirit led, biblically based and culturally informed.

  • Coaching conversations on how to prayerfully, relationally and missionally oversee the true condition of our lives, friendships, families and ministry organizations.

  • Coaching conversations on how to live, feed and lead a relationally connected disciple making community.

  • Coaching conversations on how to equip, unleash and send people to penetrate the culture and plant churches by making disciples who in turn make disciples.

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