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Meet Mike & Pam Dittman

Co-Directors of Haven for the Heart

Mike and Pam share a passion for pouring into the lives of others and pointing them toward a deeper relationship with Jesus. Mike has an extensive background in the areas of church ministry and leadership development. He has an earned Doctorate of Philosophy in Religion and Society and a Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling. He has practiced as a licensed professional counselor and is an ordained pastor. He has ministered in mega church settings and house church communities.  He taught at the university level for 17 years where he instructed and mentored graduate and undergraduate students in biblical studies, church ministries, organizational leadership and discipleship counseling. Currently he serves pastors and local churches in his role as Director of National Ministries with the United Brethren in Christ and as the track mentor for ThD students at Evangelical seminary.  Pam has a Bachelors degree in Family & Community Services as well as a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling.

She enjoys the opportunity to care for women and partner with Mike in the pursuit of healthy marriages as well as strong ministry teams. She also partners with Mike and a team of shepherding servant leaders in a missional house church network. They are blessed with four kids of their own, and now have five grandchildren. It doesn’t take long when you’re with them to discover that being a haven for the hearts of their friends and family in church and community is very important to Mike and Pam. Their hearts and homes have always been an open door. From the early years of their marriage when it was filled with college students, to later years of neighborhood kids and families, to teenagers, to ministry communities, to Haven Retreats. It hasn’t been about having it “all put together”, but about being willing to be real and available. Mike and Pam are devoted to being and building Havens for the Hearts of leaders, who are faithful at being and building Havens for the Hearts of others, as they in turn are unleashed to be and build Havens for the Hearts of those where they live, work or play.

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