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Donations help Christian leaders who sacrifice a great deal and may not have the resources needed for the help they need. Your generosity underwrites the training and compensation of our Haven mentors, travel expenses, retreat center and our annual PAST prayer summit. Therefore, we invite your tax deductible donations. Keep in mind that these donations, along with the Haven budget, are overseen by a board of directors with the highest integrity, wisdom and compassion.

-Any amount of donation helps underwrite our Haven for the Heart expenses.
-$50 a month helps underwrite a Haven retreat, leadership mentoring or ministry coaching to leaders, ministry couples or local churches.
-$100 a month helps underwrite one year of spiritual direction with life coaching for leaders, couples or churches in need.

You may send your tax deductible donation to:

Haven for the Heart

5415 Starwood Dr

Commerce, MI 48382

You may also make an online donation:

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