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Journey Communities

Although Haven for the Heart has a specific ministry to Christian leaders, it has been the way Mike and Pam have desired to live with their family and friends in church and community. It is the mission of their marriage.


They are currently overseeing  a house church community they call Journey Community. They are devoted to see this become a network of house church communities where the message and ministry of reconciliation is explained and experienced where they live, work or play. Therefore, they equip people to walk with Jesus and help others in their neighborhoods to explore the way of Jesus.
Everyone needs a Haven for their Heart. Life can be brutal and often leaves us hurt, confused or alone. Personal discouragement and relational detachment can bury the heart into loneliness and fill the mind with lies.

Everyone is on a journey that has past experiences, present circumstances and future realities. This journey often has a hidden story and a larger story that has not been explored or entered. Where do people go to share the journey of life, enter the battle for truth and be equipped to experience love, joy and peace? 

Everyone can be equipped to lead and love their own household community as well as make apprentices of Jesus who give others a taste of heaven on earth. You can be a haven for other people’s hearts in your household and neighborhood.

Everyone can experience Face-to-Face and Heart-to-Heart  connection with God and others. Haven for the Heart Journey Communities is where people are encouraged in heart and united in love. Join a Journey Community if you want to  be equipped in living out authentic faith and genuine love!

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