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What Others Are Saying...

At various points, Dr. Mike Dittman and Pam have been an influential part of my life over the past thirty years. Mike pastored me so well when I was in college, and today he and Pam's marriage, life and ministry continue to challenge and inspire me. Their emphasis on refusing to accept anything less than authentic community is a biblical and prophetic message in a culture that is becoming increasingly alienated and superficial. They are both gifted teachers, but their ministry is also one of "presence". You have to spend time with them in the same room to "get" it. Though there are literally hundreds of people who do what I do, I don't know of a single other couple that does precisely what Mike and Pam do. That is why I am so eager to support their ministry and encourage others to be a blessed as I have by sitting under their teaching and counsel.

Gary Thomas


Houston, TX

Haven for the Heat is the perfect name for how Mike and Pam serve those who walk in their front door. Not only do they wish to provide a safe harbor for hearts weary and worn from the storm and stresses of full-time ministry, but they endeavor to bring healing and hope through counseling, rest, solitude and time in prayer and God's Word.

Two things you'll quickly learn about the Dittmans is they they love you and they love Jesus. From the first meeting, we felt welcomed and relaxed spending time together. These are people who understand the burdens, sorrows, and unique challenges faced by those ministry leadership.

But we all know the stats. Most of those in ministry simply won't make the time to get away and allow someone to care for their souls. Maybe it's pride. Maybe self-importance.. Maybe it's fear. Maybe it's busyness or no one to watch the kids. We get it. We've been there. But find a way to carve out the time for a Haven retreat! 

We promise your time with Mike and Pam will be worth it!

Jeremiah and & Elisa Ketchum


Clare, MI


My path intersected with Mike in 2007 through the encouragment of a mutual friend. We hit it off instantly due to Mike's contagious love for Jesus and his ability to identify with hurting pastors who have lost their way in ministry, and desperately want to find it. During some very challenging years of ministry Mike came along side and mentored me with his CPR for the soul strategy (which I came to realize was not his strategy at all, simply the way Jesus discipled people).


Today Mike and I serve together in denominational leadership roles focusing on the spiritual health and vitality of our pastors. Mike and his wife, Pam, have been dear partners with their Haven for the Heart ministry. I am very particular about who sees our pastors. The Dittman are compassionate, dedicated and trustworthy.  


Their love for the Lord is genuine and infectious. Together, Mike and Pam are Haven for the Heart. They are tremendous hosts who make sure that their home is a place where space is given for the Holy Spirit to speak and be heard. But, as hospitable as they are with their home, it's their hearts that are most hospitable. When Mike and Pam serve you, you're truly never alone.

Todd Fetters

Bishop United Brethren in Christ

Huntington, IN



In all years as a Christian leader I have never seen anyone mentor with more intentionality and effectiveness than Mike and Pam Dittman. The ministry of Haven for the Heart is an outgrowth of the wisdom and passion God has given them for the holistic development of those God has called to serve and lead. It is for that reason that I purposely recruited Mike Dittman to serve as Mentor of the Missional Theology track in our Doctor of Theology program, and why I have been both impressed and delighted with the care he takes in shepherding both the heart and mind of his students toward the things of God. I have seen him do the same by coming alongside pastors in the denomination we both serve. The ministry of Haven is often restorative (when things in one's life have unraveled a bit), always hopeful (for it is rooted in grace), and deeply personal (addressed to the uniqueness of each person and situation). I trust them implicitly.

Anthony L. Blair, Ph.D., D.Min.

President and Professor of Leadership and Historical Studies

Evangelical Seminary

I owe my marriage to Mike and Pam Dittman. During the darkest time in my life,Mike and Pam were there for my wife and I. Mike is a modern day Apostle Paul. God has richly blessed him to see deeply into the brokenness that haunts you. Not just there but beyond, to a reconciliation you never thought possible. Their tag line, Never Alone, is more than just a catch phrase. It is a way of life for them. Their willingness to walk through the dark places, hand in hand, with you is what separates Haven for the Heart from all other counseling endeavors.

Eric Griffon

Worship Pastor 

Fowlerville, MI

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