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Loving and Encouraging

Those that Care for God's People

Those that spend a great deal of their lives pouring into others can appear self-sufficient and able to handle life on their own. However, on the inside, there may be a very different story. We all face personal, spiritual and relational challenges. In a very real sense, we all need someone to walk alongside us.

  • Where do you go with the chaos of your life?

  • Who do you talk to about the true realities in your heart?

  • How do you lead and love those under your care?

Life can become overwhelming, discouraging and confusing. Ministry, in its many forms, has a way of numbing the soul and disconnecting us from others, even God. Those who are in the position of leading and loving often feel alone. The people around them can easily miss the symptoms of personal burn out and relational break down.

Therefore, it is our desire to be a Haven for your Heart, so that you can be a Haven for the Hearts of others.

Meet Mike & Pam Dittman

Co-Directors of Haven for the Heart

Mike and Pam share a passion for pouring into the lives of others and pointing them toward a deeper relationship with Jesus. From the early years of their marriage their mission centered around college students, later years the focus centered around neighborhood kids and families, as well as communities gathering in their homes. The focus has always been centered on the heart. It hasn’t been about having it  “all put together,” but about being willing to be real and available. Mike and Pam are devoted to being and building Havens for the Hearts of leaders, who are faithful at being and building Havens for the Hearts of others where live, work or play. 

 Experience Haven for the Heart Through...

Fall Essentials

Haven Retreats

Pam and Mike have been doing Haven retreats with a wide range of Christian leaders and leadership teams for many years. People come to The Haven for three, 3-hour sessions, over the course of two days. Haven for the Heart retreats involve meaningful conversation and prayer. These individuals, couples or teams also get time for relaxation and refreshment, and of course good food!

Bible Lessons

Leadership Mentoring

Mike and Pam walk alongside those who desire to strengthen the wisdom, maturity and skill needed to enjoy biblical 

wholeness, belonging and impact. We also have information about a 1-3 year Supervised Internship and ThD for those who would like a more intensive training progrm.This mentoring is open to individuals, couples or leadership teams.

Support Group

Coaching Contracts

We visit ministries, churches and denominations to work with leadership teams that are building disciple making communities. We facilitate an assessment of the values and vision as well as how the structures and strategies are promoting or derailing that mission. We seek to facilitate a pathway forward that is Spirit led, biblically based and culturally informed.

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